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The Courage To Be Happy, with Tania Vasallo


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Tania Vasallo. Growing up in a society where men were in charge of money and everything else, this dynamic woman flipped those rules on their head. Tania grew up in Spain and it wasn’t until she spent a year studying in the US at age 15 that she had her first taste of true freedom. For Tania, this was the freedom to take ownership of herself and her decisions, which is one of her core values. This craving for freedom has driven Tania to take charge of her own destiny ever since.

Tania is the founder of “The Courage To Be Happy”, a community that empowers ambitious women entrepreneurs to own their value, charge for what they are worth so that they can have a bigger impact in the world. Tania has worked developing multimillion dollar campaigns for some of the world’s most renowned companies like Starbucks, AT&T Wireless, KFC, Samsung, and Nabisco, to name a few. Since the launch of her business, she was able to reach the 6-figure revenue by her fourth year only working 20 hours per week. Tania now helps other driven women make more money and achieve their vision. Make sure to join the waiting list for her signature 3 Day online event: Increase Your Income and Impact.

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