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Money Tales

Delegate, Don’t Abdicate, with Graham Rowan


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Graham Rowan. In the 1990s when Graham’s career was taking off, he started accumulating wealth and not having the time to manage it. A colleague referred him to a financial advisor. Graham trusted this advisor, who promised to navigate the complexities of the market on his behalf. As the dot-com bubble swelled, so did Graham’s investments, which were concentrated in the euphoria of the NASDAQ wave. As Graham tells us, he would go to bed at night and wake up richer. As the market continued to rise, Graham questioned his advisor’s approach to his portfolio, only to be reassured of the market’s invincibility. “Don’t you recognize a minor correction in a raging bull market when you see one?” the advisor quipped. The tide turned and Graham found himself adrift, as his portfolio was hemorrhaging value. And just like that, the advisor cut Graham loose because his portfolio dwindled below the firm’s minimum required amount.

Graham is an international speaker, TV presenter and author who has worked with high net worth investors and family offices for more than a decade.  His mission is to enable private investors to cut through the noise and misinformation prevalent in the financial services world so that they can create and protect multi-generational wealth.

In recent years his mission has seen him speak at the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston and both houses of Parliament in the UK. At the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore Graham shared the stage with billionaire investor Jim Rogers and business guru Brian Tracy.

Graham chairs Beaufort Private Equity, a global network of over 500 high net worth investors and family offices in 37 countries. As well as providing educational content and market analysis its members, the Beaufort team provides direct equity investment opportunities in fast growing privately held companies and a mix of bonds and loan notes combining above market returns with strong asset-backed security.  He also sits on the advisory boards of a digital assets hedge fund and an international digital marketing agency.

Graham has fronted three series on Sky TV, Make Your Money Work, Finding Financial Freedom and Money & Me. In March 2024 he will publish his fourth investment book, Diary of a High Net Worth Investor. During 2024 he will speak at events in Dubai, Singapore, London, New York, the Cayman Islands and Riyadh.

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