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Money Tales

Money is Opportunity, with Steven Atneosen


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Steven Atneosen. Steven describes himself as a husband, a father, a citizen of Earth and a lifelong optimist who is focused on leveraging technology and data to improve the quality of life. He’s a passionate advocate for fairness and equity for all. Steven’s commitment to justice and respect stems from his experiences being bullied as a child. This shaped his belief in the importance of treating others with kindness and integrity. These values have profoundly influenced Steven’s career path, personal philosophy and relationship with money. As you’ll hear in this conversation, Steven has provocative ideas for how society can use its financial resources to make the world a better and more sustainable place for all of us.

Steven is CEO and cofounder of, a data privacy and AI enablement solution that generates safe and precise data from PII data without privacy risk. He has been CxO, general counsel and chief privacy officer for private and public technology companies. His career spans over 20 years growing disruptive enterprise technology companies that leverage data and AI to improve health, mobility and energy. He hosts the Looked Up! Podcast and serves as a mentor at StartX (Stanford) and SkyDeck (Berkeley) accelerators.

Before, Steven was a founding team member and Vice President of Corporate Development for NIO’s XPT division where he led business and product strategy including investment and acquisitions, culminating in NIO’s IPO (NYSE: NIO). Prior to NIO, Steven was SVP, Corporate Development, General Counsel and Secretary for StayWell Health Management, accountable for StayWell’s product and partner strategy until StayWell was merged with Krames and later acquired by Merck.

Earlier in his career, Steven served as Vice President and General Counsel for two global technology companies: first at CarParts Technologies, a leading provider of supply chain software solutions for the automotive industry; and then at Aristocrat Technologies, the second largest technology provider to hospitality and gaming. Steven began supporting entrepreneurs and startups as an IP, franchise and technology lawyer at Mackall Crounse & Moore.

Prior to Steven’s private and corporate work, he was appointed to a United States Supreme Court appeal team for Minnesota vs. Dickerson at the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and served as a prosecutor on the drug team.

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