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Money Tales

How It’s Supposed to Be, with AJ Schneider


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is AJ Schneider. At just four years old, AJ’s world was forever altered when her sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball. The family found themselves facing a nightmare. In the face of adversity, AJ’s family fractured. As AJ tells us, there was no unity, only separation. For her, this pivotal moment solidified every negative belief she held about the world – fear of abandonment, the need to flee, a pervasive sense of insecurity. As AJ watched her sister’s illness unfold, she couldn’t ignore the disproportionate role finances played in her family’s story. AJ believes that money should have never been a factor, that they should have instead focused solely on healing and supporting one another.

AJ is a budget coach, business strategist and money mindset expert. She is passionate about showing people that budgeting is the most radical form of $elf-care you can do. AJ started as a starving yogi who was always struggling to get by, formally known as “poor friend” in her upper eastside dwellings in constant fear around her debt and struggled to pay her bills. While she was waiting for all her problems to go away, she figured out she was the answer she was looking for.

By changing her mindset around debt, money management and manifestation, AJ discovered beyond the material that she manifested the love of her life, now husband, by using the magic of money to heal. Her relationship with money was the key to understanding her relationship with herself. She has helped over 300 clients get out of debt and build wealth through personal accountability, vulnerability and strategic financial planning. Along with her team of five coaches, AJ teaches clients how to heal their relationship with money so they can show up in the world authentically and live a life of choice.

AJ’s mission is to help women, couples and small business owners who were never taught to care about personal finance but feel completely overwhelmed and anxious and are under chronic stress when it comes to money get out of debt, increase wealth, gain financial freedom and grow their independence, so they can harness and use their innate power to take control over their destiny and build a brighter future.

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