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Money Tales

Expect Nothing, with Steven Foster


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Steven Foster. Steven began his career with a singular focus on making as much money as possible. By age 26, he was doing just that. Steven was one of the most successful dance music producers in the world, running a record label and hosting live events that drew crowds of 30,000 people. The financial risks were enormous, and the rewards seemed even greater. However, by age 30, Steven had lost everything. The following years were marked by a series of ups and downs, with several business ventures failing along the way. It wasn’t until his late 40s, after yet another setback, that Steven shifted his focus from maximizing profit to creating something with purpose.

Steven is the founder of One Golden Nugget. The firm’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals to discover and share their unique nuggets of wisdom with the world. Through their books, podcasts and live events, One Golden Nugget seeks to foster connections, spark conversations, and inspire personal growth and transformation.


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