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Money Tales

More Than Cash, with Julia Cancro


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Julia Cancro. Years back, Julia was dining with a friend at restaurant in New York City. Amidst bites of food, her friend shared that she started to accumulate savings, but she was unsure of what to do with the money beyond keeping it in a standard checking and savings accounts. Julia went into action, offering to point her friend toward resources that delve deeper into financial choices. In that moment, Julia became acutely aware of a gap in financial literacy. On one side of the spectrum, there’s a lot of support for financial beginners, teaching fundamental skills like budgeting. On the other side, there’s a plethora of resources for those diving into complex financial instruments. But what about the middle ground? For those progressing in their financial journey but not yet advanced, there’s a notable absence of guidance. Julia realized there’s a chasm of financial information waiting to be addressed. This inspired her to write “More Than Cash: What To Do With Your Money Now That You’re Finally Making Some”.

During Julia’s ten plus years living and working at Fortune 500 companies in New York, she has watched successful colleagues and friends struggle to understand how to manage the money they work so hard to earn. This inspired her to write “More Than Cash: What To Do With Your Money Now That You’re Finally Making Some”. Julia earned her BA in Psychology and Spanish from Notre Dame in 2012. When she’s not reading or writing about personal finance, she can be found skiing and playing tennis.

“More Than Cash” is a short, conversational guidebook for people without a finance background who want to answer the question: what should I do with my money besides keep it in cash? It is an approachable beginners’ guide to getting started with the right accounts and investments to build a financially secure and lucrative future. This is the only consolidated guidebook under 50 pages that arms you with the vocabulary and the thought process to get started on your own so you can feel confident managing your hard-earned money.

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