Managing Lock-Up Periods

During volatile markets, managing equity compensation during a lock-up period can be particularly stressful. The key is to plan ahead. Read some tips to managing your options during calm and crazy markets. more >
Aspiriant-Third Quarter 2022 Insight

Third Quarter 2022 Insight

Frothy markets driven by globalization, easy monetary policies and a wave of capital during the pandemic have shifted to real risks of a recession or stagflation as that capital dries up and the Federal Reserve faces tough choices to tame inflation. more >
Second Quarter 2022 Insight-Aspiriant

Second Quarter 2022 Insight

While today's economic, market and geopolitical environments are fraught with risk, we see opportunity for skilled investors to take the spotlight. Learn about the monetary policy tightrope, the Inflation Spiral, and the benefits of bonds and diversifiers. more >