Your very own team of heavy hitters.

Image of illustration of financial heavy hitters at Aspiriant

All of our clients are focused on investment strategy and performance. We give them the full brunt of our innovative, world-class investment operation. As with the rest of our business, we’re taking investing to the next level for our clients, too. Here’s what you can expect.

Incisive in-house research

Our in-house research and strategy operation features a prodigious roster of investment talent. These folks work tirelessly to create tailored strategies for you. They’re seasoned veterans with vision and intellectual horsepower — and they’re not afraid to recommend an unconventional approach when it’s to your advantage. Every two years, our team looks out 10 years to identify trends and opportunities which they then integrate into your portfolio. We are ever vigilant on your behalf.

Our research and strategy team delivers something else rare and valuable —in-depth risk management. Risk is a fact of life. Our risk management work creates a kind of shock absorber, resulting in solutions calibrated to your precise risk tolerance and needs.

Serious rigor

Investment strategy is a lot more than picking stocks or gaining access to the latest red-hot IPO. Long-term capital preservation and growth requires strategy, diversification and discipline. To inform our work, we answer all your questions, plus a few you may not have considered. Things like:

• What should I invest in?
• What should I invest in besides stocks and bonds?
• How should I think about my house? Is that my real estate allocation?
• How should I think about risk?
• What the heck are alternative investments? Are they right for me?
• Why should I care about China or Brazil?

Access to a world of opportunities

Having the resources of a $10 billion firm behind you can be a great asset. Especially when it comes to alternative investments for which access is limited or expensive. Our ground-breaking approach pools our clients’ capital to open up investments rarely available to qualified investors — and make them affordable. These include funds that invest in mid-market services businesses, focus on energy initiatives, target food production in emerging markets and many more typically restricted by minimum investment requirements or heavy fees.

Total commitment to innovation

Unlike the big banks, we are obsessed with doing everything we can to eliminate any conflicts of interest. We select investments on your behalf from the entire universe of vehicles. Sometimes we envision a great vehicle that doesn’t exist yet. So we create it. That’s the impulse behind our innovative family of Aspiriant funds. We don’t profit from them to preserve our precious objectivity.

Our investment operation puts a staggering amount of resources and intelligence at your disposal. The same people you work with are featured regularly in the world’s most authoritative financial media. You’re in very good hands.