In American society, money is a taboo topic. By not talking with loved ones and friends about money, we miss opportunities to sort through the noise and learn the vocabulary and skills we need to effectively understand, evaluate and financially plan for what’s most important to us.

Money Tales gives a voice to this uncomfortable topic. Co-hosts Sandi Bragar and Cammie Doder bring more than 35 years of combined professional experience in personal finance to each episode to demystify money and demonstrate what it’s like to speak openly about personal financial matters.

Join us for interviews with modern day movers and shakers who share how money decisions intertwine with their daily lives and the wisdom they gained from those experiences.

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Chief Marketing Officer, Partner | Cammie Doder | Aspiriant Wealth Management
Cammie Doder, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer, Partner

Cammie is a marketer at heart, working in a client-centric, fiduciary-focused firm, which means she's a listener, educator and advocate, first and foremost. She is passionate about empowering current and future clients of Aspiriant by helping them navigate the murky waters of the industry to make informed decisions about their financial lives. Cammie’s super excited to take money conversations to the podcasting world to expand broadly the knowledge and comfort of talking about money through the telling of personal stories.

Chief Client Officer, Partner | Sandi Bragar | Aspiriant Wealth Management
Sandi Bragar, CFP®

Chief Client Officer, Partner

Sandi learned about the financial planning profession in college, and after starting her career in accounting, she’s had the pleasure of working in the wealth management profession at Aspiriant ever since. For over 20 years, Sandi has been fueled by a passion to help people make good, meaningful financial decisions and to see the impact of those choices on their lives. Money Tale$, and its focus on getting people talking about money, is an extension of this important work.