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Money Tales

Women Talk Money, with Rebecca Walker


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Rebecca Walker. Rebecca has contributed to the global conversation about race, gender, power, and the evolution of the human family for three decades. In her most recent book, Women Talk Money, Rebecca created a collection of 29 essays by different female writers who explore the profound impact of money on women’s lives. The collection includes previously unpublished essays by trailblazing writers, activists, and models, such as Alice Walker, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Rachel Cargle, Tracy McMillan and more.

Rebecca is the author of several bestselling books; a speaker who has appeared at over four hundred universities, literary conferences, and corporate campuses; and a DEI consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. She is the co-founder of the Third Wave Fund, an organization that gives grants to women and transgender youth working for social justice. Walker was named by Time magazine as one of the most influential leaders of her generation. She lives in Los Angeles.

WOMEN TALK MONEY: Breaking the Taboo is a searing anthology of essays exploring the profound impact of money on women’s lives, edited by prominent feminist and writer Rebecca Walker (Simon & Schuster). This collection lifts the veil on how women talk about money and unflinchingly recounts the power of money to impact health, define relationships, and shape female identity. These deeply resonant essays are full of courage and vulnerability as these writers explore the far reaches of the shame, humiliation, anxiety—or sometimes joy or relief—that can surround the taboo topic of money.

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