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Lisa Danforth | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

The Power of Choice, with Lisa Danforth


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Lisa Danforth. Lisa woke up on her fiftieth birthday needing change. With her eyes closed, heart racing and mind running 100 miles an hour, she knew that this was unsustainable. Lisa was an entrepreneur several times over; at that time, she had a catering company and was launching her fifth business. Lisa made the intentional decision to focus full-time on her new coaching practice.

Now Lisa’s mission is to help business owners and leaders develop a saner approach to success. She helps clients establish goals, priorities, and a framework to build the business that will sustain the life they want to live, not consume it.

Dubbed by her clients “the hand-holding ass-kicker,” Lisa matches just the right amount of push with a dose of love. She brings clarity, compassionate curiosity, and a healthy dose of humor to her coaching while providing graceful accountability that inspires her clients to lead in a way that holds space for their whole Self.

Lisa grew up in a family business and knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur by the ripe old age of eight. Over the past 30 years, Lisa has opened and operated two catering companies, a professional cleaning company, and an international wholesale childrenswear company which she sold for more than 35 times her initial investment. For the last eight years, Lisa has been a Business Strategist and Leadership Coach.

She received her Bachelor’s in Business from the University of Southern Maine. She is certified by the Coaches Training Institution (CTI), the most rigorous in the coaching industry, as well as being a certified facilitator of The ONE Thing, a certified Co-Active coach, and a graduate of Tara Mohr’s Playing Big Facilitators Course.

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