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Money Tales

Widowhood is Financial, with Kathi Balasek


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Kathi Balasek. Life can take unexpected turns and change in an instant. For Kathi, life went from wife to caregiver to widow when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Suddenly, she was left to parent five kids on her own. The experience taught Kathi the importance of having a dream team of professionals to help navigate life’s challenges.

Kathi is an educator, empathy and grief communication coach, university lecturer, speaker and widow advocate. Experiencing the uniqueness of widowhood firsthand, she learned that the relationship between professionals and people who grieve is pivotal. Combining her 25 years of teaching, coaching and personal experience, she created Grief Smart Professional as a tool to help professionals connect and support their people and clients who are experiencing loss and grief.

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