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Johanna Pfaelzer | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Money Theatrics, with Johanna Pfaelzer


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Johanna Pfaelzer. Johanna has walked the creative path from actor to producer and now is an artistic director. Those steps gave her control over the future she wanted while still being able to influence theatrical arts in a powerful way. Under Johanna’s leadership, many notable works have been developed, including the 2016 Tony Award winner “Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Like many creative people, Johanna waitressed tables early on to pay her bills and fund her projects. Money has continued to be a leading actor throughout her career as she helps support her family and the different theater companies she’s been a part of.

Today, Johanna is honored to serve as Berkeley Repertory Theater’s fourth artistic director. She recently spent 12 years as the artistic director of New York Stage and Film (NYSAF), a New York City-based organization dedicated to the development of new works for theatre, film, and television. NYSAF is known for providing a rigorous and nurturing environment for writers, directors, and other artists to realize work that has gone on to production at the highest levels of the profession. Other notable works that were developed under Johanna’s leadership include “The Humans” by Stephen Karam, “The Wolves” by Sarah DeLappe, “Junk and The Invisible Hand” by Ayad Akhtar, “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” by Taylor Mac, “Hadestown” by Anaïs Mitchell, “The Homecoming Queen” by Ngozi Anyanwu, “The Great Leap” by Lauren Yee, John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer- and Tony-Award-winning “Doubt”, “The Fortress of Solitude” by Michael Friedman and Itamar Moses, “The Jacksonian” by Beth Henley, and Green Day’s “American Idiot.”

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