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Frank Britt | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Living in Purpose, On Purpose, with Frank Britt


Frank Britt shares with us what it was like to grow up in a paycheck-to-paycheck home, where financial anxiety was an underlying theme. At a young age, Frank used his thirst for knowledge to redefine the path of his life and reimagined who he would become. Frank is a consummate investor in self-development and self-discovery. As you’ll hear in this episode, Frank is someone who brings his heart, his soul and his brain to important conversations, including those about money.

During the course of the Money Tales interview, Frank talks about the role personal finance played in his development and career path, and the lessons he learned as an executive, investor, parent and husband. In the end, his story highlights how people get molded and shaped by the choices they make, and how others are affected by those decisions. He can’t say what is best for you, but instead why it’s important to build yourself a story that includes being focused on helping others find the agency to create their own stories.

Frank is preoccupied with the issue of income inequality, notably in the nation’s cities and hardest-hit communities. He believes the market for empowering people to more fully believe in themselves is nearly infinite, and helping individuals change their futures and redefine their personal story starts with creating career pathways where everyone has access and opportunity.

Frank’s unlikely narrative centers on his own path to self-empowerment, growing up in a diverse community outside of Manhattan, as he struggled to draw the connections between education, a successful career and a fulfilling life. Fast forward 25 years, after an impactful career across several leading companies, he heard a persistent voice that he couldn’t ignore and ended up as the leader of an institution focused on helping to transform the lives of the often left-behind middle class adult workers in the US.

Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Penn Foster, the leading skills development training, credentials and employment matching enterprise for frontline workers. His social-purpose organization is focused on employment outcomes for middle class workforce through ed-tech enabled workforce solutions and today has more than 200,000 active adult learners and 100’s of partners, including employers, youth organizations and academic institutions.

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