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Dr. Mallory Dwinal-Palisch | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Values Based Budgeting, with Dr. Mallory Dwinal-Palisch


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Dr. Mallory Dwinal-Palisch. Mallory’s thinking about the role of money in her life drastically changed when her dad unexpectedly died months after he turned 60. Mallory describes him as someone who talked about all the things he was going to do – hike mountains, go on trips, pursue other adventures. But he and her mom didn’t have gobs of money piled up somewhere they weren’t spending. Mallory’s parents were constantly investing and reinvesting, trying to take care of their family and provide for the future. Sadly, Mallory’s dad died without ever doing many of the things he dreamed of. From then on Mallory has been focused on budgeting experiences so she doesn’t look back with a deep sense of regret.

Mallory is Chancellor of Reach University, and co-founder and CEO of Craft Education System. She has dedicated her life’s work to building equity-focused, innovative educational models. Mallory began as a Spanish teacher with Teach for America and, later, co-founded and led a charter school that adapted and codified the Oxford tutorial pedagogy. She then co-founded Reach’s apprenticeship-based university that helps hundreds of school districts across the country grow their own local, diverse and qualified teachers.

Mallory graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Economics, Spanish, and International Studies; additionally, she holds a Ph.D. in Education from Oxford University (dissertation focus: rural teacher shortages), which she attended as a U.S. Rhodes Scholar, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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