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Money Tales

Turning Trash into Treasure, with Tom Brickman


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Tom Brickman. Tom’s forty and he hit F.I.R.E within the past year, meaning he’s achieved financial independence and can retire early. This was not by accident. Tom was a hustler from the very beginning, helping neighbors with garage sales, taking out trash, mowing lawns, doing whatever he could do to earn a buck. He ultimately put his attention toward real estate, scooping up homes that no one else wanted and turning them into desirable rental properties. Tom shares that he needed to be creative along the way to support the cash needs so his hustling experience came in handy. At one point Tom even supplemented his income by buying bras and purses on the cheap and reselling them over eBay.

Today, Tom is a married dog dad living in Dallas, Texas. He owns twenty-two rental properties, runs a resale business, and provides one on one coaching and covers financial literacy and real estate for building wealth through

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