Dumpster Diving & Bathing in Cash, with Rabbi Ryan Bauer

Rabbi Ryan Bauer - Aspiriant Podcast Money Tales

What does dumpster diving and bathing in cash have to do with the Money Tales podcast? We will get into this and more with our guest Rabbi Ryan Bauer during our conversation.

Rabbi Ryan Bauer serves as a Rabbi at Congregation Emanu-El, the largest synagogue in San Francisco. Rabbi Bauer’s focus on humanitarian issues includes the Syrian refugee crisis, communities ravaged by wildfires, and homelessness. Rabbi Bauer’s numerous published articles and podcasts have received international recognition including in the Financial Times and 929.

During the course of the Money Tales interviews, our guests talk about areas of personal finance that we believe listeners might want to learn more about. In this episode of Money Tales, the financial insight focuses on the ins and outs of charitable giving – and how best to support the charities you’re passionate about. Stick around to the end for this financial insight.