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Sanford Livingston | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Wealth Beyond Reason, with Sanford Livingston


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Sanford Livingston II. Sanford is from Trenton, New Jersey, and a question he often heard from his mom while growing up was, “What are you going to study? Because you’ve got to get a job”. And, as Sanford explains, where he came from job stood for Just Over Broke. As a result of talking money with his college roommate, who came from a very affluent family, Sanford realized his own money orientation was focused on working and surviving rather than on living and thriving. This shift in perspective had a profound impact on Sanford and the way he approached his life going forward. He’s redefined wealth and is now working on passing that along to the rising generation of his family.

Sanford is currently the acting CEO of Nor-Cal FDC. He is charged with the responsibility of establishing relationships with lenders, fintech innovations experts, and political and community leaders. Sanford has overall strategic and operational responsibility for Nor-Cal FDC’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. He also builds partnerships in new markets by establishing relationships with lenders, and political and community leaders.

Sanford previously served Nor-Cal FDC as Chief Operations Officer; directing all operational and strategic responsibilities, and as Senior Director Program Development; responsible for increasing the number of microloans underwritten by Nor-Cal’s lending partners in this category. In this role, he grew loan volume by 50% while working with individual lenders to streamline process for efficiency.

Prior to Nor-Cal FDC, Sanford served as Senior Vice President, Strategist, Commercial Strategies, Commercial Banking Group Wells Fargo Bank, where he provided innovative strategic business plans to all commercial banking divisions.
Sanford has served on several boards including: Urban Financial Services Corporation; Advisory Board, Life Steps; Trustee Board Member, Coro Political Leadership Organization; Former Trustee Board Member, San Francisco Maritime Association; Board Member, and Wesleyan University: Former Board Trustee.

Sanford has a B. A. in Economics from Wesleyan University and an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California. He is also a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.

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