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Lisa Skye | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

The Gift of a Sudden Death, with Lisa Skye


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Lisa Skye. At age 26, Lisa’s dad was killed in a car crash. Her father was the most important person in her life, and she still misses him dearly. For Lisa, this period was bittersweet. She inherited significant assets that impacted the course of her life, yet Lisa was overwhelmed with emotions and responsibilities because there was much to sort out. Her parents had been divorced, and her younger brother needed her to manage the estate. Related, Lisa felt responsible for the livelihood and future of the 25 employees who worked in her father’s business. This experience propelled Lisa’s financial maturity and a journey of self-love, both of which continue to serve her today.

As a magnetic leader and inspirational public speaker, Lisa has spent a lifetime leveraging unmistakable charisma, business savvy, and strong intuition as vehicles for tuning into core needs and guiding businesses across industries to remarkable success. She managed two restaurants within Danny Meyer’s hospitality empire, drove deals for a top NYC real estate team, built the world’s fourth largest business networking franchise within BNI, and initiated WeWork’s first-ever community model, positioning the startup for astronomical growth. In her role as CEO, Lisa founded and built Primary, “NYC’s Coolest New Wellness-Focused Coworking Space,” which quickly expanded to two locations in Manhattan—and was eventually named the 3rd Best Coworking Space in the US.

Lisa has raised significant startup funding (10mm+), negotiated multi-million-dollar leases, and invented a wellness category within coworking. She has also weathered industry-wide downturns with unshakable grace and resilience. With a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology in hand, Lisa recently launched Skye Advisory – where she is working with entrepreneurs (pre-launch to early stage) in fueling their business growth and bringing visions to life in a variety of industries from real estate, coworking and hospitality to cannabis, wellness and product design.

Lisa is on a mission to create programs designed to inspire and elevate entrepreneurs around the world. In her spare time, she inspires and elevates her two sons.

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