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The Balanced Class, with Lisa Gautier


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Lisa Gautier. Lisa cares deeply about the hair on your head. That might sound weird but let me tell you why. 25 years ago, she and her husband started an environmental public charity called Matter of Trust. Matter of Trust is famous for running a program where they collect hair clippings from thousands of salons. They then form the hair clippings into mats that soak up oil spills because, as you’ve likely experienced, hair is excellent at collecting oil.

Lisa co-founded the environmental public charity Matter of Trust in 1998. She concentrates on the positive, delivering sensible solutions and nurturing teams dedicated to ecology. Lisa also implements transformational programs that promote renewable resources, recycling, reuse, and repair including Matter of Trust’s Eco-Industrial Hub and its Eco-Home. The Hub is a working model factory with exhibits about clean air, water, and energy. The immersive Eco-Home showcases how urban renters can have impactful, earth-friendly apartments and grow edible gardens. Through lectures and interviews, Lisa provides answers for the often asked “What can I do?”

Prior to Matter of Trust, Lisa was Assistant Director in Paris at Valeo (International Development & Treasury 1995-1996) and at FedEx Logistics (1994). Previously in San Francisco, she worked at Cecchi & Massoni (Legal and Accounting 1985-1993). Her studies include French Language & Culture (Sorbonne, France 1993-4) then Zoo Management & Breeding of Endangered Species (Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, UK 1983-4). Lisa serves on the Boards for, and She resides in California, with her husband and their three daughters.


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