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Michael Silverman
Money Tales

What Didn’t Kill You, with Michael Silverman


Sometimes investing isn’t about the portfolio, it’s about relationships. In this episode of Money Tales, we speak with Michael Silverman who shares some very powerful insights learned through a painful pivotal moment when his sister died in a car accident. This situation changed everything for Michael and caused him to reevaluate his outlook and behaviors. As a result, Michael is now intentional about being open, honest, vulnerable and candid about everything, including relationships and money.

Michael Silverman is a Denver-based entrepreneur and investor. After growing up in Carmel, CA, Michael went to the University of Southern California where he explored his passion for philosophy and then went on to the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

After spending time as a venture partner with a firm in the consumer space and pursuing his own deals in the live events and technology industries, he founded Samantha Brands Group, a CPG focused investment platform in 2016 and has been operating and investing in brands and production companies since then. Michael is also an avid investor across software, e-commerce, real estate, and other verticals.

In 2020, he launched the podcast “What Didn’t Kill You? with Michael Silverman” to explore guests’ personal and professional stories of challenges overcome, mistakes monetized, and the nature of post-traumatic growth and development in people as well as organizational systems. You can also find his blog on Instagram at @whatdidntkillyou or via LinkedIn at

Michael lives in Denver with his wife Kate, and he loves reading, skiing, hiking, CrossFit and traveling.

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