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Money Tales

The Myth of the Silver Spoon, with Kristin Keffeler


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Kristin Keffeler. Kristin’s family’s money story launched when she was in her twenties. Her parents and oldest brother started a company, grew it, took it public and sold it, all within five years. In other words, during the period between starting and graduating from college, her family experienced a series of significant wealth events. As a result, Kristin’s money narrative got more complex. She was trying to sort out many things like how did she want to define success? Was her current career path good enough? How should she be allocating time learning to be a steward of the family wealth? Kristin was in a big soup of confusion around identity as she sought to understand who she was as an individual, separate from her family contribution.

Kristin, MSM and MAPP, is a thought leader and consultant at the forefront of a global shift in family wealth advising, known as Wealth 3.0. She works with affluent and enterprising families, rising gen, and the professionals who support them. As the founder of the consulting firm illumination360 and the Chief Learning Officer for the Johnson Financial Group, she specializes in human motivation and behavioral change, family dynamics, family governance, rising gen education and development, and intergenerational collaboration.

Drawing upon her research and years of private practice advising and coaching the rising generation in affluent and enterprising families, Kristin believes that members of the rising gen are uniquely positioned to create significant impact in the world and uses a lens of strengths to help them—and those who guide them—to ignite their potential. Her recent book, “The Myth of the Silver Spoon: Navigating Family Wealth & Creating an Impactful Life,” captures this approach.

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