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Taylor Adams | Aspiriant Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Multigenerational Abundance, with Taylor Adams


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Taylor Adams. Taylor is a 5th generation member of an entrepreneurial, enterprising family. The first chapter of his life was about reconciling his own personal ambition within the context of business and his family. Taylor talks to us about the professional anxiety that he felt at that time. He thought to be loved and respected, he had to be as successful, or more successful, than his father even though that mandate was never communicated to him. This led Taylor down a pathway of equating the idea of success with achievement and the acquisition of property, power, and prestige. After much self-reflection and work, Taylor realized that success and money are simply byproducts of value creation. For him, value creation is generated by being of service to others. The current chapter of Taylor’s life is all about where he can find purpose beyond himself.

Taylor is an investment entrepreneur and multigenerational innovator who discovered a passion for human transformation while working within his own multigenerational family office. As a family office executive, Taylor leverages a principle based operating philosophy that combines investment management and philanthropic strategies with entrepreneurship and talent development to promote a culture of multigenerational value creation over multigenerational value consumption. His overarching purpose is to accelerate human progress by catalyzing a movement that transitions enterprising families away from the commonly embraced preservation paradigm, and toward an empowerment paradigm that prioritizes integrated strategies for multigenerational self-actualization and perpetual family flourishing.

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