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Money Tales

Rising From the Shadows, with Rob Rao


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Robert Rao. Rob describes being raised by immigrant parents who came to this country with limited resources, as living in the shadows. It was easy to blend in and not be recognized for his potential. Rob had a key ally helping him persevere. He describes his mother as an incredible dreamer who thought bigger of her children. Rob did not disappoint. He’s come to realize that you need to have people in your life that give you hope. And he’s leveraged hope his whole life.

Robert comes from the worlds of material science, physics and bio-mechanical engineering with patents in all these spaces. He is currently working on merging Artificial Intelligence into the space of medical analytics focusing specifically on computer vision.

In the past, Robert led a pioneering team of highly skilled engineers in the joining of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) that will be the platform for designing future stents, guide wires and ablation wires and other implantable devices.

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