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Hunter Marckwardt | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

You Give You Get, with Hunter Marckwardt


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Hunter Marckwardt. Hunter has become a master of productive money conversations. To him, it’s all about the why, which to Hunter means understanding what’s important to people and helping them focus on achieving it. At work, he leads his team in weekly money conversations that range from budgeting to estate planning and ongoing learning.

Hunter consistently ranks as one of RPM Mortgage’s Top Producing Loan Advisors. In 2020, Hunter and his team closed 432 units for $286,000,000. Team Hunter takes a professional, structured, and detailed approach to lending. Their single mission is for their clients to never look for another lender again. They believe this philosophy is the only approach they can take in this chaotic lending environment to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Hunter has worked at RPM for over 10 years, primarily serving San Francisco Bay Area clients. Through hard work, determination, and strong industry relationships, he has developed into one of RPM’s leaders in loan originations.

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