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Vincent Valeri | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

From Entitlement to Enlightenment, with Vincent Valeri


During this episode of Money Tales, Sandi and Cammie spoke with Vincent Valerie. Vincent thought his destiny was to take over the family enterprise that his father founded. Since his path was paved, Vincent had the flexibility to live a party lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of what his father created. That is until he learned in his 20s that his dad was selling the company. With that sale went Vincent’s future as the successor CEO. Our discussion with Vincent inspired this week’s financial insight at the end of the interview, where we discuss succession considerations for family businesses.

Being born into a family business can feel like one’s life path is already laid out. To some, that feeling is a great burden of responsibility and to others, it feels like a cushioned set-up and leads to a sense of entitlement. Vincent got to know both of these feelings throughout his life and career.

As the son of a successful Italian Canadian tech entrepreneur in the 1980s and 90s, Vincent embraced everything about the “rich-kid” lifestyle. He had a sports car at 16, the most expensive clothes and traveled all over the world. He came to realize a few years later just how ill-prepared for life he was, outside that bubble of entitlement.  So when his father decided to sell the family business, Vincent was faced with redefining his life’s dream.

Vincent’s new journey led him to work in wealth management for one of the largest Canadian banks. He focused on managing financial affairs of family enterprises and generational wealth transfer. Working in wealth management, Vincent witnessed a significant gap in how a family’s wealth and business was being managed, in relation to the management of familial relationships and dynamics.

Vincent is a Certified Family Legacy Coach and Executive Leadership Coach. He works as a trusted advisor and coach with family members, both collectively and individually in developing family legacy continuity strategies, conflict resolution and alignment of the family’s values and vision for their wealth and relationships.

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