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Tuti Scott | Money Tales Podcast Guest
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Jumping Social Classes, with Tuti Scott


In this episode of Money Tales, Sandi and Cammie talk money with Tuti B. Scott. Tuti grew up in a large family on a farm in rural New Hampshire in the 1970s, where they lived off the land and created their own entertainment. Tuti became a competitive basketball player, which she says saved her life. Basketball provided Tuti an identity, exposure to the magic of teaming and rewards for hard work. Basketball got her into college and helped pay the tuition. After growing up working class and “jumping class,” today Tuti’s work inspires women to get in the game of money, influence, and power.

Founder of Changemaker Strategies, Tuti is a speaker, author, strategist and coach for leaders and teams. She is the producer of “Women & Money– Making Money Moves that Matter,” an event and community focused on turning knowledge into action in the social justice investing space. Tuti is a founding partner in The New Search Collaborative, a high touch comprehensive search firm offering matches of the highest caliber. Recently, Tuti served for 18 months as Interim CEO at Tides, a global foundation and social venture accelerator during the organization’s unprecedented growth to mobilize $1.3 billion in 2020.

A life-long athlete and point guard, Tuti engaged thousands of activist donors at the Women’s Sports Foundation, Billie Jean King’s charity, where her team raised $70 million over 15 years (1994-2008) to catalyze equal access to all sports for women and girls.

For 12 years, Tuti’s firm, Changemaker Strategies, has guided organizations in navigating growth and transitions such as Athlete Ally, Equal Rights Advocates, Farm Sanctuary, Jewish Women’s Funding Network, ReflectUS, Root Capital, Third Wave Fund, Women Moving Millions, among others.

After a 30-year career in women’s leadership, Title IX protections and strategic philanthropy consulting, Tuti is now focused on engaging people in bringing a social inclusion lens to philanthropy and investing, via workshops, speaking and writing. Publications include “Money, Gender and Power – A Guide to Funding with a Gender Lens” (2019) for Slingshot’s community and “Moving Money for Impact; A Guide to Investing with a Gender Lens” (2021). Board service has included Women Win Foundation, Women’s Funding Network, and Tides Network.

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