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Tracy Coenen | Aspiriant Podcast | Money Tales | Wealth Management
Money Tales

I Find Money, with Tracy Coenen


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Tracy Coenen. When Tracy went to college she decided to major in criminology and law studies, because she wanted to become a prison warden. However, sophomore year she took an elective called Financial Crime Investigations and she loved it. The course changed the trajectory of Tracy’s focus and she’s now a forensic accountant. In that role, her goal is to help a thousand women a year have better financial outcomes from their divorces.

Today, Tracy runs her own business. Her job is to find money in cases of corporate fraud, high net worth divorces, and other financial shenanigans. Tracy does a lot of work with corporations, investigating situations when executives have stolen money or companies are fighting with other companies about money. She also does fraud investigations related to divorces for wealthy people, where she’s tracing money, trying to figure out how much they have, where their money has gone, what they’ve been spending it on, and in some cases, where they’re hiding money. Tracy is also the author of several books and she’s the creator of the Divorce Money Guide.

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