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Sylvie Sadarnac | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Acting and the laws of numbers, with Sylvie Sadarnac


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Sylvie Sadarnac. Sylvie made an extreme career pivot in her third act of life. She had a career in corporate communications, and in her mid-40s she decided to pursue comedy writing. As a matter of fact, Sylvie was the only middle-aged woman in her Second City writing class. She blossomed in that environment, and has been facing the ultimate question ever since: How much is she willing to give up to live a creative life?

Sylvie is an actor, writer, and content strategist. After a decade in corporate communications, she opened her own practice helping small- to mid-sized businesses connect with their audiences through tight messaging and positioning. As she neared the third third of life, she decided to go back to doing what she is most passionate about: writing and later, acting. In 2016, Sylvie was cast as a recurring character on Amazon’s Patriot, which took her to Prague and Paris for filming. She also appears in Dan Nearing’s Sister Carrie, currently on the festival circuit. While prepping to produce a short that she wrote and will act in soon, Sylvie continues to develop web content strategies for individuals and small companies.

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