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Steve Demaray | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Getting Financially Naked, with Steve Demaray


Steve Demaray is a passionate money coach who lives and breathes what he stands for. He shares the arch of his personal financial experience and the insights he picked up along the way that support our goal for the Money Tales podcast of helping listeners have honest, values-based, productive money conversations.

With 30+ years in financial services and financial planning, one question has perplexed Steve, “with abundant information available, why do so many people struggle with money?” Here is what he has learned: When it comes to money, people do not need more books and videos – they need greater self-understanding. Less info, more insight.

This led Steve to launch the Personal Money Coach in 2008, founded on the creation of a fresh approach to understanding money. Employing a coaching approach, Steve draws on proven human growth and change techniques to assist people in making positive change in their money lives.

In our financial insight at the end of the interview, we pick up on Steve’s emphasis on the importance of keeping a cash reserve and discuss different approaches for building a cash reserve that best meets your needs.

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