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Money Tales

Resilience is my Currency, with Sarah Harkness


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Sarah “Sharky” Harkness. We dive into Sharky’s extraordinary journey where she narrowly escaped death not once, not twice, but three times. Sharky shares the raw moments of facing mortality, finding strength in the depths of despair, and embracing a no quit mindset. From battling through over two dozen surgeries within four years to shedding layers of shame, Sharky’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the courage to defy the odds. She emerged from this health disaster as a believer that resilience is the secret ingredient, abundance is the goal, collaboration is the default, and being a giant is the strategy. Sharky has been on a mission ever since to surround herself with others who share her mindset.

Having overcome serious personal health challenges including 26 surgeries in four years 2019-2023, three of them brain surgeries, and surviving a stroke and once being in a coma, Sarah emerged stronger than ever. She is a living testament to the transformational ability to apply abundance theory to resilience and belief that challenges or adversity can be turned into opportunities.

Sarah once even met Obama!

Sarah didn’t let her suffering or diagnosis, or the medical death sentence, change her mind. She knew she had to believe, and find others who would believe in her too.

Sarah’s story is not anymore just one of survival; it’s now all about thriving. She has worked for industry giants like Salesforce, Marketo, Gitlab, and Dropbox, contributing to their success through RevOps (sales and marketing). And she shares her journey and the lessons learned along the way through project Lotus and The Giants Podcast.

Sarah’s passion for impact extends beyond business and she proudly support initiatives with Virgin Unite, 100% Human at Work, Ai4Diversity Council in NSW and she recently joined Megan and the women changing the world at Women Rising.

Sarah not only navigated the corporate world but also faced the daunting task of rebuilding her life after divorce and many setbacks. Her journey has been a holistic one, embracing lots of healing practices to recover and thrive.

As a speaker, marketer and creator, Sarah brings more than just ValueOps for profit and non-profits. She’s a marketing executive and offers her skills to impact organizations.

Sarah embraces the philosophy of abundance theory and believes that by unlocking the full potential within ourselves and our businesses, we can create a ripple effect of prosperity and positive impact.

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