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Money Tales

My Turtle Shell, with Samantha Varner


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Samantha Varner. Over the last 15 years or so, Sam has moved with her husband to three different countries. Each move came soon after the birth of a child. While her husband’s career prompted the relocations, Sam, an entrepreneur at heart, continued to focus on her own career. Sadly, the international moves disrupted her plans because of the different tax structures and regulations. Sam decided to figure out a way to make a business that would be like a turtle shell, a business she could take with her regardless of where she ended up. That’s exactly what she did.

Sam is the founder of She Collective. She is on a mission to show business owners just how they can live full and robust lives while building massively profitable businesses. Using her CRUSH formula, Sam takes her 15+ years of experience in public relations, sales and business development to teach driven entrepreneurs how to create wealth through business ownership. From speaking on stage to hosting her podcast, She Needs Grit, Sam is the ass-kicking profit coach for the driven entrepreneur.

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