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Rowland Savage | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Juggling Irish Frugality and Silicon Valley Possibility, with Rowland Savage


During this episode of Money Tales, we speak with Rowland Savage who is an entrepreneur, Corporate Development professional and now a published author. Rowland shares stories of growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the times of “The Troubles” and how his background and upbringing have influenced his life up to this point.

Rowland has focused on the startup arena on “both sides of the fence.” He has taken two startups from concept through to paid deployment, has held roles in Venture Capital and most recently, focused on Corporate Development. As a leader in the Corp Dev team at Atlassian, Rowland successfully executed six deals and was part of the team that acquired Trello. Seeing both sides of the fence has inspired Rowland to publish his first book on the topic of Corporate Development titled, “How to Stick the Landing, the M&A Handbook for Startups.”

Rowland is a software guy, who has had the good fortune to work on projects on four different continents. Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland originally, he now calls the Bay Area home, along with his wife and two children. Rowland came to the US via the Chicago Booth MBA program, which he has found a useful compliment to his undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

At the end of this Money Tales podcast we provide a quick personal financial insight on taxation, the good, the bad, the ugly of how taxes come into play when you are selling a home.

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