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Money Tales

Would You Rather, with Randy Horn


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Randy Horn, a self-described grinding entrepreneur. Randy created a board game company out of business school that generated millions of dollars of revenue. Unfortunately, he lost that business after a multi-year trademark infringement lawsuit. Randy invested his heart and soul into this business and suffered a great personal and financial loss as a result. While he felt the bottom of the abyss, Randy picked himself up and saw that his entrepreneurial flame was not extinguished.

Randy is co-founder of his second start-up venture, The Whole Bean, LLC. The Whole Bean owns a line of proprietary equipment to manufacture dry chickpeas into one-of-a-kind, fully cooked, 100% pure chickpea flour. This chickpea flour has a unique roasted taste and functionality which allows it to be utilized in a much more versatile range of food products.

This mission-based business was started by Randy and his wife Tracy out of their commitment to expanding the consumption of chickpeas, a true superfood, by creating delicious, nutritious, plant-based, allergen-free and planet-friendly snacks. Using their proprietary chickpea flour as the “secret sauce”, the Whole Bean has developed a line of chickpea-based snack products branded “Finally!”. Their tag line is “Eat With Reckless Abandon”, which is the great stress free feeling you can have when snacking on something really tasty that also has so many redeeming qualities. The first product launch is a line of shelf-stable chickpea butters in three flavors.

Randy also founded Zobmondo!! Entertainment in 1997, a highly successful board and card game company. The business expanded into licensing the brand in television, restaurant/food service, mobile phone entertainment, books and toys. Zobmondo’s history includes net profit margins unheard of in the toy and game industry.

Randy is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. He also earned his Masters in Business Administration from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management. He is a father to three children, two who have life-threatening nut allergies and are the inspiration behind the Finally! brand.

Randy considers himself a good entrepreneur with lots still to prove.

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