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Money Tales

Money Doesn’t Have to be Hard, with Nina Israel


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Nina Israel. Earlier in her career, Nina found herself juggling two roles at a company, accounting and human resources. As she tells us, her salary seemed fair, until the company brought on a new hire to take on the HR function. Nina was astonished to discover that he was being paid twice Nina’s salary for doing half the job she had been doing. Nina became aware of the new hire’s salary because she was the person managing payroll. Nina confronted the CEO head-on. As a result, the company did a thorough analysis of everyone’s salaries, uncovering disparities that had gone unchecked between longer tenured employees and newer hires. As a result of Nina’s bravery, fairness prevailed. The company rectified the pay inequities, and employees received the compensation they deserved. From that moment on, Nina vowed never to remain silent in the face of injustice.

Nina Israel is an advocate for financial wellness. She is a financial educator, business strategist, and money mentor. She is also a 25-year veteran of making your books make sense to you. She believes that finance should be easy and, more importantly, fun.

Fueled by a passion for wellness, a love of numbers, and an intense desire to help those around her succeed, Nina’s strength throughout her career has been empowering business owners to manage their cash flow better, improve efficiency, grow sales, and reduce costs.

As the founder of Taryn Financial, Nina is deeply dedicated to financial education and uses a holistic approach to help small business owners gain financial clarity, increase their financial knowledge, and develop new confidence in their numbers. Based on her work with hundreds of business owners, Nina created her innovative program, Strength in Numbers, to help her clients reduce anxiety, achieve financial wellness, and make sense of their money through laughter, learning and a proven financial system.

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