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Money Tales

No Matter Whatness, with Nancy Colier


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Nancy Colier. Growing up, Nancy’s love for equestrian sports clashed with her father’s belief that it was reserved for the privileged. But Nancy’s determination prevailed; she became a top-level equestrian and rode on the national circuit. She tells us that when she finally won, she realized the success wasn’t about the winning; it was about the strength and resilience it revealed within her. No matter what obstacles Nancy would face in life, she now knew she could conquer the most challenging paths.

A longtime practitioner of mindfulness and eastern spirituality, Nancy Colier is a psychotherapist, interfaith minister, and author of “The Emotionally Exhausted Woman: Why You’re Feeling Depleted and How to Get What You Need” (New Harbinger, 2022), “Can’t Stop Thinking” (New Harbinger 2021), as well as numerous other books. She is a thought leader and national speaker on mindfulness, women’s empowerment, wellbeing and ethical technology, and has been featured on Good Morning America, The New York Times and countless other media. She is also a regular blogger for Psychology Today. She teaches workshops at Kripalu, Omega Institute, and 92Y (and many other venues). In addition, Nancy spent 25 years as a nationally top-ranked equestrian and serves as a performance consultant to professional athletes and artists.

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