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Money Tales

Life is a Journey, with Mirela Sula


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Mirela Sula. At the age of 16, Mirela found herself in her home country of Albania, engaged to be married. Not because of a teenage romance or a whirlwind courtship, but because of something much darker – the risk of being sold into prostitution. Upon accepting the proposal, Mirela made her fiancé promise that he would allow her to continue her studies. If he didn’t, she vowed to disappear from his life. That promise was Mirela’s lifeline. She was married by the age of 18, trading her freedom for safety. Mirela lived with a large family in a small village, where there was no money to even discuss. Her role was clear – to wash, to clean, and to serve the family. At the same time, she continued to pursue her education, gaining knowledge, and with that, came confidence and exposure to the world outside. As Mirela progressed in her studies, she began to understand the importance of financial independence and worked aggressively toward it.

Mirela is a British journalist, author, and CEO and Founder of Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club. She is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of media, education, and women’s empowerment. With a dynamic career spanning over two decades, Mirela has left a mark on the world by transformative initiatives and fostering a global community of over 30,000 female founders in her Global Woman platform.

Mirela is the owner of five magazines, author of 15 books, leader of 27 club chapters around the world and the organizer of more than 500 events. She has been speaking in more than 300 stages around the world and has reached over 1 million people with her message.

Mirela has been honored with awards such as the ‘Inspirational Award for Women 2015’ for Human Rights, the ‘Best Inspirational Influencer’ Award from The Best You in 2017, and the Universum Donna Award 2017 from the Universum Academy of Switzerland. “The Businesswoman of the Year Award” from Wealth Dragons in 2019. “The Icon 2023” Award among top celebrities in the UK, and recently she received the “Peace Award” from Universal Peace of Federation on the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Mirela is also the organizer of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. She has appeared on London Live TV, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, Sky TV and has also been featured in the ‘Evening Standard’, Forbes Magazine and ‘The Guardian’. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ was a best seller and also published in America and Turkey.

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