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Marit Bakken | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Agency and Autonomy, with Marit Bakken


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Marit Bakken. Marit grew up in Norway where her grandparents had a little farm. For them, money was bartering arrangements with neighbors. As Marit says, they’d pay half a pig to have someone slay their field for a month.  Money was tight and the family had to work really hard. When she was twelve years old, her grandfather died. Shortly afterwards, Marit walked into a room and saw her mother and grandmother sitting on the floor, counting money, and crying. They had discovered a hidden stash of cash. The tears were filled with both anger, because that money could have made a difference to the family sooner, and joy because the extra money would help. Marit describes this as a pivotal moment. Seeing two generations of women, crying on the floor because the male head of the family had held this from them, set Marit on a path of agency and autonomy toward her own financial future.

Marit has worked in communication most of her professional life. She was the Co-Founder of a strategic communications and public relations company, which was recognized as one of the Bay Area’s fastest-growing private companies and largest women-owned public relations company. Today, Marit is the Founder of 360 Relationship, where she is a highly regarded relationship and co-parenting therapist, and divorce mediator. She works closely with family law attorneys and financial advisors to, regardless of circumstances, ensure that people thrive in their lives and relationships.

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