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Money Tales

Be Open to Change, with Mariana Saddakni


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Mariana Saddakni. Mariana is a Latina trailblazer in technology innovation. Her cross-cultural money journey started in Argentina where her family considered their wealth to be their intellect and capacity to learn. That was their status, not the money in the bank. Mariana’s ambition to learn more took her to the United States for graduate school. Her goal was to be at the top of her game in design and technology. Mariana talks about the financial hurdles and achievements she has encountered as an immigrant woman in a male-dominated industry. As you’ll hear, Mariana has navigated societal expectations and cultural shifts as she’s worked to achieve financial independence on her own terms.

Mariana is a trailblazer in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, fearlessly leading organizations into the future of technology. Her extensive experience is unparalleled, orchestrating digital transformations at industry giants like AT&T, American Express, and Unilever. Mariana masterfully crafts AI strategies that don’t just innovate – they inspire awe.

A visionary leader with profound expertise, Mariana empowers global teams to transcend expectations, cultivating environments where innovation and talent flourish. Her leadership ethos revolves around fostering cultures of trust and unwavering commitment to ethical AI practices, ensuring technology serves as a force for positive change.

One of Mariana’s crowning achievements was spearheading a groundbreaking AI project at AT&T that revolutionized customer service interactions, significantly elevating user satisfaction and operational efficiency. This milestone exemplifies her ability to translate complex AI concepts into tangible, business-driving outcomes.

At the core of her distinguished journey is an unwavering belief in AI’s power to elevate human experiences and solve real-world challenges. This conviction fuels her current venture, Saddakni & Co., where she demystifies AI adoption for organizations and guides them toward a future where technology and humanity converge for the greater good.

Mariana is shaping industries and cultivating the next generation of AI innovators through mentorship. She invites leaders and thinkers to join her mission of realizing the transformative potential of ethical, impactful AI integration, crafting a legacy that transcends technology itself.

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