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Money Tales

Money Zen, with Manisha Thakor


Manisha Thakor is our guest in this episode of Money Tales. Early in her career, Manisha earned big year-end bonuses at work. That caused her to begin to equate her self-worth with her net worth. As Manisha looks back, she sees that her identity was wrapped up in her work, and bonuses were an indication of how well she was doing. She kept her head down, kept working hard, and tried to meet society’s money expectations. Then, as Manisha was nearing age 50, she experienced the second of two near-death illnesses. She was on bedrest for months. Through this experience, Manisha came to see that regardless of all of her accomplishments, she never seemed to achieve “enough”. Manisha changed her mission and focus by deciding to step away from the work she was doing and pour into what matters most to her.

Manisha has worked in financial services for over 30-years. She spent the first 15 years of her career working as a buy-side equity analyst and institutional portfolio manager.  She’s spent the last 15 years focused on advising individuals. She has written two personal finance books for women in their 20s and 30s. Her latest book is “MoneyZen: The Secret to Finding Your “Enough””.

Manisha earned her MBA from Harvard Business School, her BA from Wellesley College and holds the CFA and CFP designations.

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