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Kristen Heaney | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Life’s Twists & Turns, with Kristen Heaney


Imagine you’re 21 years old, your dad is diagnosed with cancer, he dies six weeks later and you find yourself inheriting a life changing amount of money. You are also in charge of managing investments and a foundation, and you’ve never had any training or experience in these areas. In this episode of Money Tales, Sandi and Cammie talk with Kristen Heaney whose life took this very sharp turn when she was in college.

Kristen Heaney is a Wealth Legacy Coach and Consultant with Legacy Capitals, serving successful families and their advisors. Her passion for this work is colored by her own experience of being a young and unprepared inheritor after her father’s early death. Kristen’s training includes a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan, a Board Certified Coaching credential, and a certificate in Family Wealth Advising from the Family Firm Institute.

Kristen’s book, In Three Generations: A Story About Family, Wealth, and Beating the Odds is a fictional family leadership story, offering a great starting point for those considering a more purposeful approach to handling family wealth. She has been a featured thought leader for the Purposeful Planning Institute, Family Firm Institute, as well as legal, financial, and philanthropic firms across the United States and Canada, focused on topics including rising generation preparation, effective family meetings, wealthism, combating entitlement, and more. Kristen was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area, and currently lives with her husband and two sons in South Florida.

During the course of the Money Tales interviews, our guests talk about areas of personal finance that we believe listeners might want to learn more about. In this episode of Money Tales our financial insight is about private foundations where we’ll provide an overview of what they are and how they’re organized.

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