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Kimberly Inskeep | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Everything Costs Something, with Kimberly Inskeep


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Kimberly Inskeep. Kimberly describes entrepreneurs as being hungrier, having an independent spirit and a driving desire to create their own destiny. She’s one to know because Kimberly started her first business when she was eight years old. Having these entrepreneurial instincts doesn’t guarantee success. Kimberly talks about how everything costs something and being successful in her career involved continually evaluating tradeoffs with her family and herself.

Kimberly Inskeep is the CEO of cabi, the largest women’s apparel company which sells solely through Independent Stylists. Believing there could be a better way for women to both shop and work, Kimberly was instrumental in the testing, development and initial launch of the innovative cabi Fashion Experience in 2002. Prior to the genesis of cabi, Kimberly spent several years working in finance at Norwest Corporation (now Wells Fargo & Company) and international management consulting with BlessingWhite, Inc. She and her husband live in California and have one daughter.

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