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Money Tales

Keep Your Ego Out and Keep Talking, with Ken Pecus


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Ken Pecus. Ken is one of those resilient people who hit financial bottom and catapulted back up again. Long story short, he got caught up in legal battle over a franchise agreement. He knew he was in the right and kept the fight going for four long years. In the end, he lost half the lawsuit, and faced financial tragedy when the judge awarded the other side attorney fees just as Ken’s own business was being hurt by the Financial Crisis. This meant Ken was on the hook for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short time period, which nearly wiped him out. Ken’s biggest lessons from that time are to watch your ego, don’t always be focused on proving you are right, and keep communication lines open.

Ken is the founder and Team Leader of The Pecus Group. Having obtained his license in 1989, Ken has more than 34 years of experience representing sellers and buyers throughout San Diego County. He has worked for a variety of companies including small independent firms and large national organizations. In the early 2000s, Ken founded Ascent Real Estate which grew to become the largest non-affiliated real estate company with 10 offices in San Diego County, prior to its merger with a national firm. 14 years after founding Ascent, Ken set out to rebuild a new brand, and has since joined forces with national real estate market leader eXp Realty in order to provide a seamless cutting edge transactional experience for his clients and team agents.

Ken is a native San Diegan having grown up on the island paradise of Coronado, California. After graduating Coronado High School, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Despite always planning to have a real estate career, his first job was working as a software engineer manager at NAS North Island. His engineering background, as well as his time working in a high intensity government aircraft program, provided Ken with invaluable business experience in performance expectations, planning, budgeting and delivering.

Since becoming licensed, Ken has completed hundreds of transactions and has extensive negotiation experience in luxury high value cash and financed sales, foreclosure and short sales, and portfolio building with multi-unit residential. Throughout his career, he has continued to provide extensive training to other agents in all facets of the real estate transaction. His business philosophy has revolved around doing business by referral, and The Pecus Group maintains a comprehensive referral network of other agents, both locally and nationally.

On the personal side, Ken is an avid outdoor sports lover. His game of choice (since grade school) is definitely tennis and tries to spend as much time as he can every week out on the court!  He’s also passionate about traveling the world in order to experience new cultures, food and history, but mostly getting to engage with people from every walk of life.

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