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Kelly Rodriques | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Sharing the Wealth, with Kelly Rodriques


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Kelly Rodriques. Some tech entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to strike gold once. Kelly has had the good fortune to strike it multiple times. As he maneuvered from being the CEO of one successful company to the next, it became apparent to Kelly that there’s a lot of wealth at the top of  startup companies, and plenty of room to share it more broadly across the rank and file employees. Kelly now spends time thinking about how to let other people financially share in what he’s doing.

Kelly is currently the CEO of Forge, a company that is catalyzing economic innovation by providing equal access to private market capital products and services. Kelly is proud of what Forge is doing in terms of getting more liquidity in the hands of employees when they need it, rather than forcing them to abide by the company’s timetable of going public or being bought out.

Kelly has more than 26 years of fintech experience and has been an investor in more than 25 venture-backed firms. He was a founding investor of mFoundry, the leading provider of mobile banking, which was acquired by Fidelity Information Systems in 2013. Most recently, Kelly served as CEO of PENSCO, one of the nation’s leading alternative asset custodians, which was sold to Opus Bank in 2017. Prior, he was an Operating Partner of Ignition Capital and CEO and Chairman of Totality, acquired by Verizon in 2006. Kelly has also been Managing Partner of Operative Capital, a Fintech venture firm based in San Francisco.

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