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Julie Greenham | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Don’t be Afraid of Money, with Julie Greenham


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Julie Greenham. Julie had a major money transformation as an adult. As a child she was never taught about money and it wasn’t discussed, but Julie sure could feel the weight of it. Julie knew that money was coming in and the next day it was going out. She explains that her mom has bipolar disorder which contributed to her spending money extravagantly and then didn’t have enough to tie them over until her next paycheck. Later in her marriage, Julie defaulted to letting her partner handle the money – that decision was grounded in shame, and she didn’t feel smart enough to take on the responsibility. Julie chipped away at increasing her knowledge about money; and, with time and help from others, she’s not afraid of money anymore.

Julie is a business and productivity coach, mother, speaker, and host of the Quiet Powerhouse podcast. Julie is the leading voice for introverted business owners that helps them sell their services and products with ease. She is the founder of The Quiet Powerhouse Membership, which helps women quiet their overactive minds, overachieve their goals and prioritizes themselves and their families so they can increase their business revenue.

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