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Jonathan Goffe | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Learning From Mistakes, with Jonathan Goffe


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Jonathan Goffe. As Jonathan tells us, the hardest lessons to learn are often the ones that stick. When he was a young adult, Jonathan hit a financial snag because he wasn’t budgeting. He called an aunt for some assistance. Jonathan explains that she’s the one the family runs to when they need help because she’s responsible with money. That said, she isn’t the kind of aunt to provide money without asking questions and offering lessons to avoid financial mistakes in the future. Fortunately for Jonathan, his aunt has been a money mentor to him over the years and has inspired him to leverage what he’s learned to help others make smart financial decisions for themselves.

Jonathan is the Sr Consultant and the Senior Managing Director of Vermont Consumer Credit Consulting LLC which he founded VCCC in 2021 after spending years in financial institutions doing individual credit counseling and debt negotiating. Jonathan has saved Vermonter’s millions of dollars in debt negotiations over his career.

Starting his career in social work and back office administrative roles, Jonathan’s early career included roles in Specialized Social Work, Corrections, Business and Corporate Banking in Vermont and across New England. Since then, he has had senior leadership roles in Vermont, and most recently became an Associate in the Vermont Bankers Association and the Education Coordinator for the Shelburn BNI chapter.

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