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John Lanza | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Money Mammals, with John Lanza


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is John Lanza. John is on a mission to help parents raise money-smart kids and help families live happier, more fulfilled lives. He and his wife were inspired to develop Money Mammals, a kid friendly brand centered around financial education, when their firstborn was six months old. They wanted to be sure to raise their daughter to be money smart, and John came up with the idea of Money Mammals as a way to get kids excited about money. It worked!

John is the author of The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids, host of The Art of Allowance Podcast and creator of The Art of Allowance Project featuring The Money Mammals and now the new program for tweens and teens called Adolescent$. The Art of Allowance Project is a nationwide program for credit unions that helps them connect with families to help parents raise money-smart kids of all ages. An expert on youth financial literacy, John’s work has appeared in the NY Times, LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, CU Broadcast and CU Insight.

John, an avid runner, boardgame enthusiast, is the Chief Mammal of Snigglezoo and he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and Money Mammals co-creator, Eileen and their two daughters who have inspired and informed his work.

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