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Jill Willard | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Embracing Your Intuition with Money and Life, with Jill Willard


You know those feelings you get that guide you to make a money decision. Regardless of how strong that gut feeling is, you may put it aside in order to analyze the situation and convince yourself that your gut is wrong. Jill Willard, a globally known and gifted intuitive and a leader in meditation practice, discusses why we need to embrace our intuition during this Money Tales conversation. The tools of her trade are having an extraordinary understanding of the different parts of our brains and how they integrate with the systems of the body.

Acclaimed author of, “Intuitive Being” (Harpers Elixir 2016), Jill has been working with children and families for over 25 years. Jill is well trained in multiple healing, wellness and listening modalities. Her wisdom and expertise focus mainly on the connection between the brain, our body and our choices. Through Jill’s book and programs, Intuitive Meditation and The Present Program, she shares simple tools for shifting old patterning behaviors and how they affect our current life experience — often without our knowing.

Jill’s empowering message and her teachings have created a large global following. It is in the caring, compassionate and wise-minded environment that Jill practices what she teaches, honoring and exemplifying the golden rule in her everyday life: as a mother, wife, friend, colleague, businesswoman and beloved community member. Through kindness, all can be healed.

As a speaker, meditator and teacher, Jill is incredibly wise and kind. Her grace and gentle ways deeply assist many — from families to CEOs, Creatives to Digital Tech Leaders, Professional Athletes and Community Philanthropists. Her guidance has been praised on Goop, Vogue Nederlands, Well+Good, Refinery 29, TED Talks, Mindbodygreen, Omega Institute, Cosmopolitan and various podcasts including Dr. Taz, Almost 30, That’s So Retrograde, Style Rituals, Elevate The Globe, Elissa Goodman and Well Damn. Jill has her own podcast called “I Be,” which can be found on Apple Podcasts and other podcasting platforms.

In the financial insight at the end of our Money Tales conversation with Jill Willard, we cover the technicalities involved with making gifts to family and friends. In addition, money conversations can often cause emotional and physical reactions. As you listen to the interview be sure to flag the centering exercise that Jill leads us through. This is a great takeaway practice and we recommend following it whenever you find yourself in a challenging money conversation or situation.

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