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Ira Bryck | Money Tales Podcast Guest
Money Tales

Family Business Edutainment, with Ira Bryck


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Ira Bryck. Ira’s family created what became the oldest children’s clothing store in the United States. The neighborhood the store was located in changed dramatically over the decades. As Ira describes it, the town became rough, had crime problems, and people were scared to shop there. During its 90th year, Ira made the difficult decision to close the store and he decided to move to a new state. Ira’s big dream was to open a retail store of his own in his new area. Ira created a business plan. The business plan spoke to him. It said “no.” As a result, Ira had to rethink his identity and find a new path.

Ira started in his family’s retail childrenswear business as a child, ran it for a generation as an adult, ran the UMass Family Business Center for a quarter century, and hoped to help people solve their family business challenges through educational forums, cartoons, plays, radio, roundtables, advice columns and more. He currently coaches and trains leaders and managers, using a personality assessment and practical conversations to help teams and people be more productive and satisfied at work, and as a bonus, in life.

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