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Money Tales

Own the Awkward, with Hilary Blair


In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Hilary Blair. Hilary helps businesspeople get comfortable in the uncomfortable. She believes our society has shut down a lot of sharing within conversations and, as a result, we miss out on leadership opportunities by confusing confidence and comfort. Hilary observes that you can be confident if you accept the discomfort that might be involved. Tell your story, share your vulnerability and where you’ve made mistakes. This transparency, especially in money conversations, will allow you to tell your story, connect with others and, as Hilary says, own the awkward.

Hilary is a keynote speaker, champion of human connection and the CEO of ARTiculate: Real&Clear. She is impassioned by moving beyond habits and learned behaviors to uncover what is unique and authentic in individuals and groups. A presentation and speaking voice expert, Hilary is a highly regarded coach and facilitator working extensively across the globe with a variety of businesses including Maersk, Liberty Global, Slalom and AWS.

Whether working on leadership communication with members of the C-Suite, or facilitating workshops using improvisation to improve communication skills, Hilary’s 35 plus years as a teacher combined with her professional stage, film and voice over career present a unique and essential skill set. She and the ARTiculate team partner with HR departments to co-create experiential learning events that activate individual presence and team effectiveness.

Hilary is certified in Conversational Intelligence and CultureTalk. She is an active member of NSA and former board member of the Colorado Chapter. She is also a former board member of VASTA – the Voice and Speech Trainers Association. Hilary is on the faculty for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and has been adjunct faculty for a number of universities. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed and numerous podcasts. Hilary holds an MFA in acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and a BA from Yale University.

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